Board Members

"Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy, and stable environment for all children and families in Wicomico County."

Current LMB Members

  • Crystal Toomer
  • George Whitehead
  • Jessica Murphy
  • Kimberly Miles, Chair
  • Lauren Bourdon
  • Mandel Copeland
  • Michelle Hardy
  • Nicole Griffin-Winder
  • Roy Brewington

Interested in joining our Board? (See below for requirements & responsibilities of our board members.)

Email: or call (410) 546-5400

Composition of LMBs

     LMB may be composed of public, private, and community representatives who share the responsibility for implementing a community-based, inter-agency, family-focused service delivery system for children, youth and families in Wicomico County.

     The LMB will be comprised of a minimum of 5 and no more than 15 members, with 51% public sector and 49% private sector as defined below.


     LMB has core ex official members which may include a senior representative or the department head of the:

  1. Local health department;

  2. Local office of the Department of Juvenile Services;

  3. Core Service Agency/Behavioral Health Administration;

  4. Local school system; and

  5. Local department of social services.

     Additional Public Sector members may include representatives from the following agencies:

  6. Wicomico County Council

  7. Wicomico County State’s Attorney

  8. Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department

  9. Wicomico County Parks & Recreation Department


  i. Private Sector members may include representatives from business organizations; civic and neighborhood organizations; community collaborative groups; private providers of employment, vocational services or other human services; and religious communities and other individuals involved with children and family issues, such as a member of the early care and education community, etc.

  ii. At-large members include parents, youth, private providers, representatives from advocacy groups, racial/ethnic and cultural diversity, and local communities within the County.

  C. All members will be individuals who have demonstrated leadership abilities.

  D. All members are expected to contribute to the development of a comprehensive service delivery system.

  E. Geographical & ethnic diversity will be considered in the selection of membership to insure diverse perspectives are represented.