Bid Tabulation Archive

For bid tabulations and results after 1/9/2014, please click HERE.

Bid Name/Link to Bid Tabulation  Date of Bid Opening  Status  Bid Winner and Notes
Metal Door Replacement
1/9/2014 Pending  
Signage for State's Attorney Office
12/24/2013 Awarded Selby Sign
Electric Decelerometers 12/24/2013 Pending
Pulverizer/Trommel Screen Unit 12/19/2013 Withdrawn Due to Budget
Two 2014 Service Trucks with Crane 12/9/2013 Awarded Hertrich
Lo-Pro Crew Cab Dump Trucks 12/6/2013 Withdrawn Due to Budget
Recycling Purchasing for January to March 12/5/2013 Awarded Awarded to Best Bidders in each category. 
Set Back Axle/Roll Off Truck 12/3/2013 Withdrawn Due to Budget
Moving Services for Office 12/3/2013 Awarded A Shore Fit
Roll-Off Containers 12/3/2013 Withdrawn Due to Budget
Nanticoke Harbor Bulkhead Replacement 11/26/2013 Awarded Three J Construction
Airport HVAC Replacement 11/26/2013 Pending  
Rigging Supply for New Truss System 11/15/2013 Awarded Atlanta Rigging Systems
Safe Routes to Schools 11/15/2013 Awarded Metro Paving
State's Attorney Phone System 11/14/2013 Awarded Telewire
2014 Mini Van
11/13/2013 Awarded I.G. Burton
Voter Notification Forms
11/13/2013 Awarded Mail Movers
Flat Bed Truck
11/07/2013 Awarded Barr International
Supply Equipment and Operators for Rent
11/07/2013 Awarded Bennett Construction (Partial Award, only bidder)
Street Lighting
11/06/2013 No Award Budget Exceeded
Passenger Transport Van
10/29/2013 Awarded Sherwood Ford
911 Primary PSAP Logging Recorder
10/29/2013 Pending
Pavement Overlay Fabric
10/24/2013 Withdrawn  
Light Duty Trusses
10/17/2013 Awarded Mid South Audio
Motor Lift System
10/17/2013 Awarded Mid South Audio
Arena Curtain System
10/17/2013 Awarded Rose Brand Wipers
Tree and Stump Removal
10/15/2013 Awarded Beaver Tree Service
WCDC Roof Repairs
10/10/2013 Awarded Peninsula Roofing
Knuckle Boom Truck
10/3/2013 Awarded Barr International, Met specification, had no exceptions
Self Propeller Pneumatic Roller
10/3/2013 Awarded Chesapeake Supply and Equipment
Mobile Generator
10/1/2013 Pending  
Spider II Temporary Power Boxes
10/1/2013 Pending  
Paving Projects
10/1/2013 Awarded George & Lynch, Inc.
Extra Heavy Duty Metal Shelving
9/27/2013 Awarded Superior Storage Systems
WYCC Chiller Preventative Maintenance
9/25/2013 Awarded  McQuay
Library Dumbwaiter Elevator Replacement
9/25/2013 Awarded ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas
Airport Bay Land Terminal Renovations
9/25/2013 Awarded Hunter Allied of Maryland
Golf Cart Rental for Special Events
9/23/2013 Awarded Low Bidder for Each Event
Concourse Restoration at Perdue Stadium
9/17/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Parks Pick-Up Truck
9/9/2013 Awarded Hertrich Fleet Services
Parks 4x4 Truck
9/9/2013 Awarded  Hertrich Fleet Services
Asphalt Repairs at Airport
9/3/2013 Awarded Chesapeake Paving and Sealing
Painting Recycling Bins
9/3/2013 Withdrawn  
Ticket Trailer
9/3/2013 Awarded J & S Equipment
Custom Taster Glasses for Beer and Wine
8/28/2013 Awarded Choice Promotions, Inc.
Ice Supplies for Festivals
8/28/2013 Awarded Seaford Ice
Tents, Tables, Chairs
8/28/2013 Awarded Grand Rental Events
ATM Services for Festivals 
8/28/2013 No Bids  
Welding Services
8/27/2013 Awarded Schafter Contracting
Utility Truck for Solid Waste
8/27/2013 Withdrawn  
Dump Truck for Parks
8/27/2013 Awarded Barr International
Sound System and Services for Festivals
8/22/2013 Awarded Mid South Audio
Solid Waste Recycling
8/20/2013 Awarded Awards are Highlighted in Bid Tab
Parks Division Pole Building
8/16/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Paving Projects
8/2/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Cleaning Government Office Buildings
8/1/2013 Awarded Split - Sentral Building Services (Courts/Courthouse/Public Safety - Options 1 and 2), Efficient Services (Government Office Building option 1 only)
WCDC Trash Compactor
7/30/2013 Awarded Mid Atlantic Waste
Civic Center Condensing Units Replacement
7/26/2013 No Bids Received  
Linen Bid for WYCC
7/25/2013 Awarded Union Uniform
Evaluation of Upgrade Options for Public Safety Trunked Radio System
7/18/2013 Awarded Concepts to Operations, Inc.
WCDC Chiller Replacement
7/17/2013 Awarded Wilfre Co.
Supply of Soft Drink for WYCC
7/16/2013 Awarded Pepsi
Janitorial Supplies for WYCC
7/16/2013 Awarded Various low Bidders
C Hallway Drop Ceiling Replacement 7/18/2013 Withdrawn No attendance at mandatory pre-bid meeting
Roads Division Tires
7/9/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Tourism Division USSSA WS Food Service
7/9/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Courthouse Roof Replacement
6/20/2013 Awarded Coastal Roofing
Belt Guard Modification Project
6/18/2013 Awarded Tri-State Engineering of MD
Courthouse Masonry and Caulking Repairs
5/18/2013 Awarded Lifetime Masonry. Low bidder declined, second bidder could not honor bid.
Fence Replacement at Tennis Courts
6/13/2013 Awarded Long Fence
Fence Replacement at Parker Athletic Complex
6/13/2013 Awarded Long Fence
Tennis Court Resurfacing, Sealing, and Striping
6/13/2013 Awarded Chesapeake Paving
Equestrian Center Barn Roof
6/13/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Refrigerant Pressure Relief Valve Replacement
6/11/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Printing for Envelopes and Forms for Tax Bills
6/4/2013 Awarded The Paper People - Option 1
Mailing Service for Tax Bills
6/4/2013 Awarded Lower Shore Enterprises
Fiber Optic Cable Lease
6/4/2013 Pending  
Courthouse Masonry and Caulking Repairs
5/30/2013 Withdrawn Over Budget
4x4 Pickup Truck and Plow
5/30/2013 Awarded Hertrich Fleet Services - Option 1
Newland Landfill Gas System Improvements
5/22/2013 Awarded Dot Energy Solutions
Hunting & Farming Lease Rights License at Winterplace Park
5/22/2013 Awarded Best Bid - S & H Farms
Drop Ceiling Replacement DoC
5/16/2013 Withdrawn Rebid
Fiber Optic Lease 5/9/2013 Withdrawn No Bid Tabulation
Morris Mill Dam Engineering Proposal 5/2/2013 Awarded Charles P. Johnson and Associates (No Bid Tabulation - Best Proposal)
Print Management Proposal 5/2/2013 Awarded Xerox
Roads Division Aluminized Pipe
4/25/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Roads Division HDPE Pipe
4/25/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Roads Division Boom Mower Rebid
4/24/2013 Awarded Low Bidder
Public Works SUV
4/16/2013 Withdrawn  
Visitor Guide Printing
4/2/2013 Awarded Delmarva Printing
Ice Machine Bin and Water Filtration System
3/27/2013 Awarded Buller Fixture Company
Mosquito Control Pickup Truck
3/26/2013 Withdrawn  
Bivalve Wharf & Tyaskin Pier Replacement
3/19/2013 Award Pending Split Award
Shuttle Service for Special Event
3/18/2013 Awarded Gene's Limousine
Fleet Lease Program Proposal
3/14/2013 Pending No Tab
Piedmont Hangar Painting and Exterior Improvements
3/6/2013 Awarded R & R Coatings, Inc.
Purchase of Recycling Materials
3/1/2013 Awarded Various
Tents, Tables, and Chairs
3/1/2013 Awarded Grand Rental Events
Current Production Front End Loader
2/27/2013 Awarded Elliott & Frantz (Met Specifications)
3 AED's For Wicomico Youth and Civic Center
2/26/2013 Awarded CPR Savers & First Aid Supply, LLC
Generator Repair and Improvement for Emergency Lighting
2/19/2013 Awarded Barnes Electric, Inc.
Professional Services for Water Supply
2/6/2013 Awarded Davis, Bowen, and Friedel, Inc.
Current Production Mowers
2/5/2013 Awarded Selbyville Tractor & Equipment, Inc.
Topographic Surveying Services for Newland Park Landfill
1/28/2013 Awarded Pennoni Associates, Inc. (Scored Bid)
Portable Baseball Pitching Mounds
1/23/2013 Awarded BSN Sports