Tax Sale Information

County Tax Sale Excess Funds

Tax Sale Excess Funds

IF YOUR ANNUAL REAL ESTATE TAX BILL IS NOT PAID IN FULL BY April 30th, tax sale proceedings will begin on delinquent accounts pursuant to Section 14-813 of the Tax-Property Article.  The County is required to advertise the property four times prior to the June Tax Sale.  Should the property be advertised, the owner is responsible for the advertising expense. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Finance.

Important Restrictions

As of May 1st of each year the County imposes restrictions on payment methods for delinquent bills because the bills have entered the advertising phase of the tax collection process (tax sale). The following restrictions are therefore imposed:
  • Payment must be for the full amount of all outstanding delinquent amounts due the county and municipality plus interest, penalties, and advertising costs.
  • No partial payments will be accepted.
  • A partial payment made by credit card or debit card through Official Payments Corporation will be rejected and the property will continue through the Real Estate Tax Sale Process.
  • No personal checks will be accepted.
  • No electronic personal checks will be accepted.
  • Cash, money order, bank check, credit card, or debit card will be accepted.

 NOTE: No debit or credit cards will be accepted within the 5 days prior to the tax sale.

2018 R

eal Estate Tax Sale

Executive Bob Culver announced on May 10, 2018 that Wicomico County would not be holding a Tax Sale in June of 2018.

For more information please contact the Department of Finance at 410-548-4840.

2017 R

eal Estate Tax Sale

The 2017 Real Estate Tax Sale was held on Tuesday, June 13th at 10:00am in the Government Office Building Room 301.  

Below is the Tax Sale Lien Certificate Purchase Agreement, W-9 and List of Properties available for purchase over the counter at the Department of Finance. 

June 13, 2017 Tax Sale - List of Properties Currently Available

Tax Lien Certificate Purchase Agreement

W-9 Request for Taxpayer's ID and Certification