Information for County Taxpayers

Annual Real Estate Tax Bills

Annual real estate tax bills are mailed each July. There is a six month new construction billing each January. There is a 1% discount on either full year or the first semiannual payment of county taxes if paid by August 31st. Interest charges start on October 1st. An alternative semi-annual tax payment plan for principal residences is offered each tax year. Contact the office for details.

Penalties for Failure to Pay Real Estate Taxes

Penalties for failure to pay real estate taxes include interest charges which are added to the tax bill if not paid by October 1st. In addition, a 0.5% per month penalty accrues beginning January 1st.

If taxes remain unpaid, the property is advertised for sale four times prior to the June tax sale. Beginning May 1st, only cash, money orders or bank checks will be accepted in payment of taxes not paid by April 30. Properties will be sold at the tax sale and the proceeds used to pay the delinquent taxes. Should a property be advertised, the owner is also responsible for the advertising expense and other charges associated with the sale.

Tax Payments

Tax payments may be made in cash, check, or money order made out to the Wicomico County Finance Department or pay by credit through Online Payments. Payments may be made at the Finance Department Office during regular business hours or mailed to:
Wicomico County Finance Department
P.O. Box 4036
Salisbury, MD 21803

State Tax Credit Program

A State Home Owners Tax Credit Program is available to residents who meet certain requirements. The amount of the credit is determined by the household income and taxes levied on the value of the home. Also, if you are a Disabled Veteran or the surviving spouse, you may be eligible for a Veterans Tax Credit. For further information or applications on the State Tax Credit Programs visit Maryland Tax Credits and Exemptions or contact the local State Assessment Office at 410-713-3560.

Heroes Act Credit Program

This Heroes Act provides a tax credit for permanently disabled first responders and surviving spouses of the fallen.  Eligible workers are law enforcement officers; correctional officers; and fire, rescue or emergency medical services personnel who were working for an entity located in Wicomico County when they became permanently disabled due to their work.  Surviving spouses of workers who died as a result of their work as a law enforcement officer; correctional officer; or fire, rescue or emergency medical services personnel are also eligible.  Full eligibility requirements can be found at Legislative Bill 2022-07.

Heroes Act Application

Property Values

Property values are assessed by the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. For further information on assessments, call the local office at 410-713-3560 or check the State Department of Assessments and Taxation website.

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