Director's Message

It is our commitment at Wicomico County Department of Corrections (WCDC) to establish Best Practices in corrections as our way of doing business. Our goal is to promote and adhere to these practices to ensure that public safety is paramount and the constitutional rights of those confined within these walls are observed and upheld.

Over 5,000 men and women pass in and out of the doors of Wicomico County Detention Center each year. Violent and drug-related crimes are occurring daily in this community. This comes at a significant cost, both financially to taxpayers and in lost productivity to the county. As citizens of Wicomico County, we must realize that the offenders in this facility are our neighbors and, in some instances, family members who have made bad choices. Our mission includes maintaining an environment that encourages and promotes positive change in individuals.

The employees of this department have a most challenging task. Most law-abiding citizens are not aware of the difficult job that the men and women of this department perform in this 24/7 operation.

Correctional officers are academy-trained professionals. They are required to be proficient in over 475 job-related objectives. As correctional professionals, we strive to work and live by the following values: integrity, honesty, firmness, fairness, and impartiality.

Fulfilling our mission statement is no small task. Citizens would be amazed to learn of the daily challenges that correctional employees face on the job and the effect it has on their personal life. Always answering the call, our employees take our mission seriously and strive to perform their duties to the best of their ability. We are thankful for the many dedicated employees who work here and proud of the job they do with some of the community’s most challenging individuals.

As director, I am committed to providing this department with legally sound policies and procedures, qualified staff, competent training, and the tools and equipment the staff needs to perform their duties in a safe and secure manner. Providing a strong foundation for all employees is essential to meet our goals and objectives.

The WCDC plays an integral role in the Wicomico County criminal justice system. We appreciate the support of the community we serve in our effort to maintain the highest levels of public and staff safety.

Ruth Coulbourne, Director