Solid Waste Division


The Solid Waste Division is responsible for landfill, recycling, and dredging operations. Its fleet consists of 39 tagged vehicles, 32 pieces of specialty equipment and 14 implements. The normal workforce is approximately 60 employees.

The Solid Waste Complex, which is located on Brick Kiln Road, includes an administrative office, shop, equipment shed, employee break room, inmate break room, storage shed, two recycling buildings, scale house, landfill, borrow pit, leachate storage facility and waste to energy facility. There are also 11 convenience centers (CC) and 8 recycling centers (RC) located throughout the county.


The Wicomico County Department of Public Works is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our citizens by striving to plan, construct and maintain the county's public works infrastructure.

The Solid Waste Division is determined to provide a safe and efficient waste disposal network to promote economic development while protecting Wicomico County's beautiful and unique environment.   


The functions of the Solid Waste Division are numerous and vary greatly. Some are contracted out and others performed by inmates mainly for efficiency purposes. Those associated with safety are emphasized to protect our staff, inmates, contractual employees and general public. These functions are as follows:


Emergency Response
Snow Removal
Landfill Operations
Borrow Pit Operations
Mulching Operations
Leachate Hauling
Waste Hauling
Recyclable Hauling
Convenience Center Operations
Facility Maintenance
Technical Support

Partially Contracted:

Right-of-Way Acquisition
Fleet Maintenance
Environmental Testing
Methane Processing 

Inmate Assisted:

Litter Control
Recyclable Processing