Human Resources


Human Resources Department’s Goals

The Human Resources Department’s goals are to:
  • Assist in establishing, administering, and effectively communicating comprehensive and consistent policies, rules and practices that are equitable to all employees and citizens
  • Maintaining county compliance with federal and state employment and labor laws, County Executive and County Council directives, and Wicomico County Personnel Manual
  • Continuously develop and maintain a position of integrity, trust, merit, and teamwork in our day-to-day operations
  • Commit to acting responsively and consistently in our pursuit of best practices; accept responsibility for encouraging and upholding ethical and legal conduct in personal and county practices
  • Provide a work atmosphere that is safe, efficient and conscious of the county’s mission and goals to provide the highest quality service to our citizens;

Mission Statement

The Wicomico County Human Resources Department is committed to serving the citizens by focusing efforts on one of the County’s most valuable assets, the employees. The Human Resources and Payroll staff takes a leadership role in supporting our associates in employment, compensation, benefits, training and employee relations. We strive to provide the highest quality services in a fiscally responsible manner while assisting the County departments and leaders in: planning and analyzing to create an efficient and effective workforce; equal opportunity employment and retention; and upholding County policies and procedures and Federal and State regulations relevant to personnel issues.