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Household Waste Permit Application

  1. By checking this box you confirm that you have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations for Household Refuse Permits*

    *Required for issuance of Permit

  2. Enter an E-mail Address if you wish to recieve information about this application by E-Mail

  3. Number of Vehicle Stickers Needed*

  4. Provide Vehicle information, below, only for those vehicles which will receive a Permit Sticker

  5. A valid registration, showing a Wicomico County address, is required for any new permits but are not required for a renewal. If you do not have a way to upload the registration, please mail the application with the registration copy to the Solid Waste Office with a check payment or bring the registration to the office. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted at the office.

  6. Once your application is verified, the Solid Waste staff will contact you by email with payment options. ------- If you did not provide an email address, please mail a check payment to 6948 Brick Kiln Road Salisbury, MD 21801.

  7. Vehicle License Plate #

  8. Vehicle Type*

  9. Vehicle 2 License Plate #

  10. Vehicle #2 Type

  11. Vehicle 3 License Plate #

  12. Vehicle #3 Type

  13. Vehicle 4 License Plate #

  14. Vehicle #4 Type

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