Resolutions - 2020 All Archives

Res 10-2020 Res 10-2020
Authorizing the County to Acquire an Easement on 270.81 Acres, more or less, within the Quantico Creek Rural Legacy Area from John T. Williamson, Granville J. Williamson, and Susan B. Lokey, the Property being located on Porter Mill Road and Designated as Tax Map 17, Parcel 123, and Tax Map 26, Parcels 13 and 28
Final Action: Passed 02/04/2020
Res 09-2020 Res 09-2020
To Make an Appropriation of Funds to the Sheriff's Office from Unanticipated Revenue in the Amount of One-Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand, Seventy-Five Dollars and Twenty-One Cents ($124,075.21)
Final Action: Passed 01/21/2020
Res 08-2020 Res 08-2020
Authorizing AD Meyers Uniforms, LLC as a Sole Source Vendor for the Purchase of Uniforms for the Sheriff's Office and to Waive the Formal Competitive Bidding Process for the Purchase of said Uniforms During Fiscal Year 2020
Final Action: Passed 01/21/2020
Res 07-2020 Res 07-2020
Approving a Deed of Easement Between Wicomico County, Maryland and Delmarva Power & Light Company for Property Located on the East Side of Walston Switch Road
Final Action: Passed 01/21/2020
Res 06-2020 Res 06-2020
To Close a Westerly Portion of Culver Road
Final Action: Passed 01/21/2020
Res 05-2020 Res 05-2020
Designating Persons for Training under the Open Meetings Act
Final Action: Passed 01/07/2020
Res 04-2020 Res 04-2020
Extending the Date for the Adoption of the Fiscal Years 2021-2025 Capital Improvement Program from the Third Tuesday in February to June 1, 2020
Final Action: Passed 01/07/2020
Res 03-2020 Res 03-2020
Authorizing the County Executive to Accept Two Reimbursement Grant Awards from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the Purchase of Marine Sewage Pumpout Systems to be used at the Cedar Hill Marina and Nanticoke Harbor in the total amount of Twenty-Nine Thousand, One Hundred Sixty-Five Dollars ($29,165)
Final Action: Passed 01/07/2020
Res 02-2020 Res 02-2020
Confirming the Appointment of David A. Fitzgerald as Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Services
Final Action: Failed 01/07/2020