Law Enforcement Accountability Board

In accordance with Chapter 59 Laws of Maryland 2021, Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021-Police Discipline and Law Enforcement Programs and Procedures, three police oversight boards, each serving a different purpose, are to be established. The three police oversight boards consist of a Police Accountability Board, an Administrative Charging Committee, and a Trial Board. 

Police Accountability Board 
This Board is to: (1) hold quarterly meetings with heads of law enforcement agencies and otherwise work with law enforcement agencies and the County government to improve matters of policing; (2) appoint civilian members to charging committees and trial boards; (3) receive complaints of police misconduct filed by members of the public; (4) on a quarterly basis, review outcomes of disciplinary matters considered by charging committee; and (5) by December 31 each year, submit a report to the governing body of the County that identifies any trends in the disciplinary process of police officers in the County and makes recommendations on changes to policy that would improve police accountability in the County.  

Administrative Charging Committee
This Committee must: (1) review the findings of a law enforcement agency's investigation; (2) make a determination as to whether or not to administratively charge the police officer who is the subject of the investigation; (3) if the police officer is charged, recommend discipline in accordance with the law enforcement agency's disciplinary matrix; (4) review any body camera footage that may be relevant to the matters covered in the compliant of misconduct; (5) authorize a police officer called to appear before an Administrative Charging Committee to be accompanied by a representative; (6) issue a written opinion that describes in detail its findings, determinations, and recommendations; and (7) forward the written opinion to the Chief of the law enforcement agency, the police officer, and the complainant. 

Trial Board
This Board serves law enforcement officers who wish to have a trial on administrative charges brought by the Administrative Charging Committee of the County.