General Services Division


The General Services Division is responsible for maintaining twenty-one (21) county properties, four (4) of which are vacant.  Its fleet consists of four (4) vehicles, three (3) pieces of specialty equipment and three (3) implements.  The normal workforce is approximately six (6) employees. 

The General Services Complex which is located on Ocean Gateway includes an administrative office, equipment shed and storage shed. There is also a surplus storage warehouse located at the rear of the Public Safety Building on Naylor Mill Road.  

The General Services Division is determined to provide safe and efficient public facilities that promote economic development while protecting Wicomico County's beautiful and unique environment.


The functions of the General Services Division are numerous and vary greatly.  Most are performed by in-house forces, some are contracted out and a few are performed by inmates. 

These functions are as follows:

    Emergency Response
    Inventory Control
    Electrical Work
    Sound System Work
    Fire Safety Service
    Security Work
    Elevator Service
    Window Work
    Hardware Service
    Power Washing
    Furniture Moving
    Carpet Steam Cleaning
    Janitorial Service
    Fleet Maintenance
    Irrigation Services
    Snow Removal