Wicomico County adopted Floodplain Management Regulations in 1984 per Chapter 149 of the Wicomico County Code. These regulations were updated and new regulations adopted as of August 17, 2015 in conjunction with the publication of new floodplain maps.

All homeowners who have a federally backed mortgage and whose property is located within the Flood Hazard Area are required by the Federal Government to carry Flood Insurance.

Homeowners who are not within a mapped hazard area may purchase flood insurance voluntarily, typically at reduced rates.

All development within the Floodplain , requires a Floodplain permit to be issued in conjunction with applicable building permits or grading permits.  Additional floodplain information is available on our "Floodplain Permits Page". 

Floodplain Permits Page

Preparation Is The Key To Preventing Damage.  There are several low-cost projects that homeowners can do to make their homes less likely to suffer damage from a flooding event.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has prepared a new publication entitled, "Protect Your Home From Flooding" which provides useful information on damage-preventing projects.  Homeowners with questions about these suggestions can contact the building department or the floodplain manager by calling the Department of Planning & Zoning at 410-548-4810.

"Protect Your Home From Flooding - Low-cost Projects You Can Do Yourself" 

Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan.  Is your family prepared for an emergency?  Does everyone in your household know what to do should an emergency occur?  Here is a practical guide to improving family communication during a disaster.

"Be Smart. Take Part. Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan." 

Don't Forget Your Pets.  Preparation for a flooding event or disaster also includes ensuring that family pets are kept safe and have the supplies they need.  FEMA offers some practical suggestions for providing for furry family members during a flood.

"Pet Preparedness"

Is Your Disaster Kit Stocked?  Don't wait until a disaster is here to get together the things you and your family will need to sustain your household during a severe weather event.  Prior preparation will ensure a much more comfortable experience.  This publication provides a helpful checklist of supplies to set aside now.

"Is Your Disaster Kit Stocked?" 

More Helpful Hints.  Here are some more helpful hints on how you can protect your home from flood damage.

"Protect Against A Flood"