Board of License Commissioners

Board of License Commissioners regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within Wicomico County. Under authority of Section 16-301(a) of Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland, the Wicomico County Board of License Commissioners can adopt rules and regulations relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Wicomico Board of License Commissioners and Staff:

  • A. Kaye Kenney, Board Chairperson
  • James Allen, Board Member
  • Christopher Eccleston, Board Member
  • Richard Duvall, Board Attorney
  • Christine E. Travis, Administrative
  • Richard Gardner, Chief Inspector
  • Mark Malone, Inspector

                                             PUBLIC NOTICE

                                                   WICOMICO COUNTY 
                           ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LICENSE RENEWALS

Applications for Renewal of All Alcohol Beverage Licenses issued in Wicomico County are currently being processed by our office.  In accordance with Alcohol Beverage Laws §4-406 of The Annotated Code of Maryland , A Licensee, by way of Renewal ,May Not Be Approved without a Public Hearing before the Board of License Commissioners If a Protest has been filed against the Granting of a New License at least Thirty (30) Days before the Expiration of the License for which the Renewal is sought.      All LICENSES EXPIRE IN WICOMICO COUNTY ON APRIL 30, 2018.   

The protest  MUST be signed by at Least Ten (10) Residents or Real Estate owners in the Immediate Vicinity in which the Licensed Place of Business is located.  If the protest has been filed, it shall be hear and determined as in the case of the Original Application.

For additional information concerning application renewals, Please contact the Wicomico County Board of Licensed Commissioners at 212 West Main Street, Suite 304, Salisbury, Maryland or Phone # (410) 548-4835