Bid Process

The Office of the Purchasing Agent, established by Section 414 of the Wicomico County Charter, is charged with responsibility for purchasing, in the manner prescribed by the County Charter, supplies and contractual services (including capital projects and consultant services) needed by all agencies of the county-or by other public or quasi-public agencies that elect to use its services.

The Purchasing Agent is part of the Office of the County Executive and has full responsibility for advertising, soliciting, and evaluating bids and proposals for each requirement estimated to exceed $5,000 in value. In addition, the Purchasing Agent reviews and approves open market purchases to ensure that agencies with delegated authority for these smaller transactions adhere fully to Section 801 of the Wicomico County Code.

Competition is the key to all public procurement laws, because it ensures maximum value for our tax dollars, and promotes the open and fair process that our citizens and business community expect. 

All Invitations to Bid are advertised on our website.

  • Most bids over $5000 are advertised in the local newspaper.
  • Bids that are over $25,000 are also posted to the eMaryland Marketplace.