1. Animal Control

    Learn about the county's rules and regulations as well as find out what to do if your pet gets lost.

  2. Clerk of the Court

    Search for information regarding the Clerk of the Court for Wicomico County.

  3. Common Forms

    Browse through various forms provided by the county.

  4. Emergency Services

    Find information about the available emergency services in the county.

  5. Ferry Schedule

    Take a look at the ferry schedule.

  6. Health Department

    Review material provided by the Wicomico County Health Department.

  7. Interactive Recycling and Convenience Center Maps

  8. Employee Services

    Employee Self Services (ESS)

  9. Online Payments

    Access available online payment services from Wicomico County.

  10. Public Information Act Requests

    Wicomico County provides access to its public records in accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act.

  11. Recycling Drop-Off Centers & Convenience Centers

    Find the different locations for the recycling drop off centers and transfer stations in the county.

  12. Sheriff's Office

    Discover information regarding the Wicomico Sheriff's Office.

  13. View Election District Maps

  14. Wicomico Zoning Map

  15. Youth & Civic Center

    Stay up to date with everything that is going on at the Youth and Civic Center.

  16. States Attorney Office