Complete List of Boards & Commissions

  1. Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

    Access information about how cases involving wards receiving services and treatment are solved.

  2. Agricultural Advisory Board

    Obtain information about meeting times and location for the board.

  3. Agricultural Reconciliation Committee

    Read how the Agricultural Reconciliation Committee mediates issues between the farm community and property owners.

  4. Airport Commission

    Utilize this information to find out how the airport is maintained and improved.

  5. Behavioral Health Council

    Discover information about how the board reviews the availability and quality of county facilities and services.

  6. Board of Electrical Examiners

    Get information about how the board issues licenses for electricians.

  7. Board of License Commissioners

    The Board is authorized with the adoption of rules and regulations relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages in Wicomico County.

  8. Board of Appeals

    Find out how the city and county Boards of Appeals review applications and variances for the zoning code.

  9. Commission on Women

    Obtain information on how the commission brings about changes in conditions that create inequities for women.

  10. Commission on Aging

    Check out how the commission assists the aging population in the county with health, social, economic, recreational and environmental problems.

  11. Compensation & Allowance Commission

    Review information on how the commission determines the compensation for County Council members.

  12. Ethics Commission

    Get information about how the commission provides advisory opinions to individuals concerning conflicts of interest involving county officials and employees.

  13. Historic District Commission

    View information about the Historic District Commissions responsibilities to the county.

  14. Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

    View information on how the county attempts to provide decent, safe, and sanitary low-cost subsidized housing.

  15. Library Board of Trustees

    Browse through information on how the board sets policies for the library.

  16. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) serving Wicomico County plans for those ares relating to a safe storage, transportation, and utilization of hazardous materials as they apply to public safety

  17. Local Health Improvement Coalition

    Stay up to date with how the Local Health Improvement Coalitions attempt to improve health of residents in Wicomico County.

  18. Local Management Board

    Look through information regarding how the board promotes a safe, healthy, and stable environment for all county children and families.

  19. Natural Resources Conservation Advisory Committee

    Obtain information regarding when the committee meets.

  20. Personnel Board

    Seek information about when the board meets to discuss a formal grievance with personnel or a policy issue change.

  21. Planning Commission

    Access meeting times and dates for the Planning Commission.

  22. Recreation Commission

    Get information about the plans and policies regarding public recreation.

  23. Salisbury Board of Zoning Appeals

    Review information about the Salisbury Board of Zoning Appeals.

  24. School Building Commission

    Access information on how the commission assists the County School Board in planning, building construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance projects.

  25. Social Services Advisory Board

    Read how the board advises the local director on the application of state policies and procedures.

  26. Tourism Advisory Board

    Take a step towards information on how the board tries to increase tourism in the county.

  27. Urban Service Commission

  28. Wicomico Early Childhood Council

    WECC is one of Maryland's 24 early childhood councils working to improve services for children and families. Our mission is for all children to enter school ready to learn.