Permits, Inspections, Licenses and Fire Protection

Electrical Permit

Electrical permits are issued for all electrical work in Wicomico County and municipalities. Permits are issued to licensed electricians for commercial and residential work and to homeowners who are doing their own work, in their residence.

Electrical Licenses & Registrations

Requirements for Electrical License Renewal (Limited and Inspector):

  1. Application for License Renewal (Listed below)
  2. Proof of Insurance
  3. Proof of 10 Continuing Education Hours (Maximum of 5 allowed to be online course)

Requirements for Master Registration:

  1. Application for Registration (Listed below)
  2. Copy of Maryland State Master Electrician License
  3. Proof of Insurance

Plumbing Permit and License

Floodplain Permit

Wicomico County is a participating community with the National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”), which aims to reduce the impact of flooding on private and public structures.  By participating in this program, Wicomico County residents are ensured of the ability to purchase affordable flood insurance through the NFIP.  As a participating community, activities in Special Flood Hazard Areas are monitored and all development must be performed in accordance with Chapter 149 (Floodplain Management) of the Wicomico County Code.  The term “development” includes, but is not limited to, building or placement of a structure (i.e. - home, shed, agricultural building), adding fill dirt, paving, grading, excavation, dredging, storage of equipment or materials, building roads and driveways, and timbering projects.        

Wicomico County has several potential flooding sources, including the Wicomico and Nanticoke Rivers and their tributaries, as well as several tidal and non-tidal creeks and streams.  

NEW!  In August of 2015, the Wicomico County Council adopted new flood maps and new Floodplain Management regulations.  These regulations conform to national standards and those recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”).   

Fire Protection Information and Forms

It is the mission and purpose of the Fire Protection Division to protect the people and property in Wicomico County from the dangers of destructive fire, primarily through fire code enforcement and public fire education. The program provides full service fire protection review, inspection and consultation relating to the fire code as well as fire prevention presentations to elementary school classes and civic groups throughout the county and the municipalities within it.  The Fire Protection Division is responsible for plan review of construction documents relating to all types of buildings except for one and two family dwellings. The purpose of the review is to try to determine that the plans for a building, fuel tank, dance, concert or other project or event will be compliant with the Wicomico County Fire Code or fire code of a municipality in the county. The Fire Protection Division provides these fire protection services to most areas of Wicomico County. Certain projects are reviewed and inspected by the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office, specifically, all buildings designated as "educational" and "healthcare" occupancies and those projects which are funded by grants and funds provided by the State of Maryland.

Phone: 410-548-4810

Fire Alarms

Plan Review and Inspection Forms

Other Fire Safety Resources