Roads Division


The Roads Division is responsible for maintaining nearly 700 miles of roads, two ferries, eight dams, and 26 bridges. Its fleet consists of 111 tagged vehicles, 43 pieces of specialty equipment and 35 implements. The division oversees the county's only fuel depot and maintains the fleet of a dozen other departments. The normal workforce is approximately 70 employees.

The Roads Complex which is located on Owens Branch Road includes an administrative office, shop, equipment shed, storage shed, salt barn, stockpile areas and fuel dispensing area. There are also two borrow pits: one near Powellville and the other near Delmar.

The Roads Division is determined to provide a safe and efficient transportation network to promote economic development while protecting Wicomico County's beautiful and unique environment.

The functions of the Roads Division are numerous and vary greatly. Several were recently eliminated, some reduced, others contracted out and a few performed by inmates; mainly due to budget constraints. Those associated with safety are being performed at the expense of others. These functions are as follows: 


    Emergency Response
    Pothole Repair
    Sidewalk Maintenance
    Storm Drain Maintenance
    Driveway Culvert Installation
    Storm Water Facility Maintenance
    Traffic Control
    Inventory Control


    Herbicide Spraying

    Snow Removal
    Facility Maintenance
    Leaf Collection

Partially Contracted:

    Right-of-way Acquisition
    Street Lighting
    Bridge Maintenance
    Guardrail Maintenance
    Curb Maintenance
    Fleet Maintenance

Inmate Assisted:

    Litter Control
    Dead Animal Removal