Wicomico County, MD, through its Purchasing Office, contracts for millions of dollars in supplies and services each year. The primary objective of the Purchasing Office is to acquire supplies and services at the best cost. We are constantly seeking new sources for these purchases and welcome your participation.

You will find doing business with the County easy. Most purchases are made through a comprehensive system of specifications and competitive bidding. The process ensures that contracts go to the best responsive and responsible bidder who complies with the specifications, terms and conditions, and who also has the capacity to deliver the service or product.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to support the County through the procurement of goods and services required to enhance the efficient operation of each of the departments that service the citizens of Wicomico County.

Our objective is an orderly and timely procurement of goods and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality requirements for such goods and services, while at the same time, maintaining the County's reputation for fairness and integrity in its dealings with the business community.