Law / County Attorney

Responsibilities & Services

The County Attorney shall be the legal advisor to the County and its offices, departments, boards, commissions and other agencies. The County Attorney, upon request, shall provide legal advice and opinions on any legal matter affecting the interest of the County when the same are submitted:

  • By written request of the County Council
  • By written request of the County Executive
  • With the approval of the County Executive, by written request of the head of any office or department in the executive branch, or any board, commission or agency
All deeds, bonds, contracts, releases, agreements, advertisements, bids and other legal papers, documents and instructions involving the interests of the County to be executed and approved by any officer of the County shall be submitted to the County Attorney and shall be approved by the County Attorney in writing as to their form and legal sufficiency in compliance with the laws and conditions under which executed. The County Attorney shall have such additional legal duties as assigned and from time to time provided by law not inconsistent herewith.

The County Attorney shall represent the County in all actions in which the County is a party and shall be the legal advisor for the County Council and, if requested, a legislative draftsman.

For more information, please see the FAQ, the legal resources page, or the County Code