Finance / Budget

The Department of Finance is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding all of Wicomico County's financial assets to ensure delivery of efficient, effective services responsive to the needs of the citizens in accordance with applicable laws and generally accepted accounting and financial principles. This includes the preparation, execution and oversight of the operational and capital improvement budgets, management of available cash funds and investments, interpreting financial information, implementing policies and procedures along with administering the property tax system and collections.

Finance Divisions

The Operations (Revenue) Division provides a variety of services for a wide range of constituents including citizens, taxpayers, businesses, governmental agencies and employees of the County. This division is responsible for the collection and deposit of revenues into the County's accounts on a daily basis as well as the billing and collection of real and personal property taxes.

The Accounting Division maintains records on the financial operations of the County, prepares the County's annual financial reports, prepares checks to fulfill County obligations to vendors, controls distributions in accordance with authorized budgets, maintains the County's Fixed Asset tracking, oversees grant reconciliation and performs account analysis. 

  Information for County Taxpayers