Emergency Services

The Department of Emergency Services is committed to providing the highest quality customer service to the residents and first responders of Wicomico County. The department coordinates a comprehensive, all-hazard emergency operational plan and provides a professional 9-1-1 response to calls from citizens. This coordination includes effective communications for and the coordination of those first responders dispatched to calls for service. 
The Department of Emergency Services is made up of three divisions:
Current Advisories
                 2019 Novel Coronavirus Information
                         Maryland Department of Health
                              Coronavirus Information

                       Wicomico County Health Department
                           For Information Call 410-912-6889

                  From the White House Coronavirus Task Force:
                        What you need to know about keeping
                        Workplaces, Homes, Schools & Commercial
                        Establishments safe. (CDC Messaging Included)
                        CDC-Stop the Spread of Germs-English
                        CDC-Stop the Spread of Germs-ESPANOL
                        CDC-What you need to know-English
                        CDC-What you need to know-ESPANOL
                        CDC-Symptoms of COVID-19-English
                        CDC-Symptoms of COVID-19-ESPANOL
                        CDC-What to do if you are Sick-English
                        CDC-What to do if you are Sick-ESPANOL

Emergency Supply Kit 
NOAA All Hazard / Weather Alert Radio

Emergency Medical Information Form

                "Before It's To Late"

Heroin & Opioid Crisis                                                     Awareness
Opioid Crisis Hotline 1-800-422-0009 or CALL 211 


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